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      Tel: +86-25-57015632
      Fax: +86-25-57019235
      Mobile: +86-18013328036
      E-mail: sales@msnchem.com
      Web: www.zhuozhouv.com
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      About us    
      Nanjing MSN chemical Co., Ltd was located in Nanjing chemical industrial park, Nanjing city,Jiangsu province, devoted in the research, production and sale of the crosslinkers Trifunctional Aziridine Crosslinker Cas No.:64265-57-2 and BI(Blocked isocyanate) for MDI type blocked isocyanate crosslinker Cas No.: 7417-99-4 . Crosslinkers are widely used in the waterborn acrylic resin and waterborn polyurethane emulsion system, such as leather, printing, dye printing, printing ink, waterborn coating, pressure sensitive rubber.
      we are producing Pharmaceutical intermediates:
      DHP and ionic liquids and imidazole derivatives
      Our commitment to our corporate mission lies in our experience in constantly improving chemical synthesis processes. We achieve our aims by providing:
      1. An open product list of active substances and fine chemicals that fully comply with current pharmacopoeias and industrial standards.
      2. Customer manufacturing services for exclusive products with special requirements.
      Your inquiry will be highly appreciated!

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      Tel:+86-25-57015632  Fax:+86-25-57019235  E-mail:sales@msnchem.com +86-18013328036