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      ChemSpec Asia 2013
      Hits:4392 Date:2013/5/14

      ChemSpec Asia 2013

      Time: 2013 September 19-21 location: Bangkok Thailand

      Thailand as a bridge southeast chemical production and trade, will attract the surrounding countries and regions of the chemical industry professionals to. As the Chemspec series exhibition organizers, the UK Quartz Business Media has a fine chemical market more than 20 years of experience. By publicizing the exhibition organizers, there will be 5000 visitors to the exhibition.

      Thailand chemical industry is Southeast Asia's largest. In 2010 the chemical imports in total imports of third, the total imports reached 481000000000 baht, domestic sales is turned over several times. Chemical industry from production to logistics and transport, with a sound infrastructure, Thailand chemicals production range. Food processing, plastic products, cleaning agents, textile, automobile, furniture, pharmaceuticals and water purification of chemical industry is in great demand.

      The exhibition has been attached great importance by the government of Thailand, to give a full range of publicity and support for the exhibition. The exhibition will be arranged according to the characteristics of the industry, pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber and plastic zone district policy area, green chemical industrial zone. There will also be in India, England, Germany and China National pavilion.

      Exhibition range: inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, rubber and plastics used in chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, dyes intermediates, agricultural chemicals, dyes, pigments, custom processing, electronic chemicals, cosmetics raw materials, flavors and fragrances, catalyst, water treatment chemicals, biotechnology, peptides, proteins and other fine chemical products.


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