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      CPhI, ICSE & BioPh China 2013
      Hits:5508 Date:2013/5/14
      CPhI, ICSE & BioPh China 2013

      In 2013 June 25-27 day, "the thirteenth session of the world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition" and "the 2013 world contract service China Exhibition" (CPhI, ICSE & BioPh China 2013) will join the "2013 world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials exhibition of China" and "the 2013 world biochemical analyzer, and laboratory equipment exhibition of China" rujierzhi, in Shanghai New International Expo Center once again set off a global pharmaceutical industry professionals gathered boom.

      In 2013, the exhibition scale will reach 120000 square meters, will be collected from more than 20 countries and regions more than 2500 enterprises, with larger, more exhibitors, more comprehensive display range attracted nearly 45000 overseas visitors to the site, in order to provide unlimited business opportunities for the majority of exhibitors at the same time, highlight the Chinese material medicine market play a decisive role in the international market position.

      In 2013, the exhibition will remain with the domestic and foreign high-end forums, seminars, and other various buyers pairing theme conferences and activities in depth, form of communication for exhibitors and visitors to provide more value.

      Strong brand appeal, condensed quality audience

      Overseas buyers gathered, -- the three days of exhibition attracted 9469 overseas professional buyers from 109 international and regional visitors to promote transnational procurement.

      Product depth subdivision depth, build communication platform -- pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, fine chemical synthesis, natural extract, raw material medicine, contract manufacturing, biological pharmacy six Pavilion depth segmentation, as the audience quickly lock supplier, improve negotiation efficiency.

      Hundreds of high quality meeting, timely access to cutting-edge information -- 2013 exhibition will continue to hold more than 100 on-site meetings and activities, provide information in depth analysis and unique perspective for your most valuable industry.

      The global marketing network, hundreds of media campaign -- more than 20 overseas media, more than 70 domestic professional media synchronization propaganda, e-mail blasts, printed matter, with global buyers database, diversified channels for publicity good buyers more at home and abroad together, highlight CPhI China exhibition brand charm.

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