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      Trifunctional Aziridine Crosslinker
      Hits:21905 Date:2013/11/18
      Crosslinker C-100 is a polyfunctional aziridineliquid crosslinker. Addition of 1-3% to water based acrylic emulsions or urethane dispersions produces a marked improvement in water, chemical, abrasion and humidity resistance and enhances adhesion to specific substrates. 
      Product Name:Trifunctional Aziridine Crosslinker
      Chemical Name:Trimethylolpropane Tris(2-Methyl-1-Aziridine)Propionate
      Molecular Formula:C24H41N3O6
      Specific gravity(g/cm3)(250C):1.0500~1.0800
      Refractive index(250C):1.4600~1.4850
      Viscosity(mPa.S) (250C):50~800
      Assay (%):99
      Appearance:Light yellow viscous liquid
      Free aziridine(ug/g):<100
      Freezing Point(0C) :<-15
      In water based parquet lacquers to improve water, alcohol, detergent, chemical and abrasion resistance; 
      In water based industrial wood-, plastic- and metal coatings to increase water, alcohol and block resistance; 
      In vinyl coatings to reduce plasticizer migration and improve stain resistance; 
      In water based concrete sealers to improve abrasion resistance; 
      Generally, to improve adhesion of water based systems to non-polar substrates; 
      In solvent based polymers to increase resistance properties; 
      In water based printing inks to improve water and detergent resistance. 
      Crosslinker C-100 is a tri-functional material that crosslinks polymers with reactive carboxyl functionalily; Typical addition levels of C-100 necessary to fully crosslink acrylic emulsions and urethane dispersions are 2% and 3% respectively; Crosslinker C-100 should be added to lacquers, paints or inks prior to use and due to its excellent water miscibility it can be stirred in by hand; The best method of addition is by using a 1:1 premix of C-100 and water; In water borne formulations, C-100 will slowly hydrolyse and blends should therefore be used within 1-2 days after preparation; The hydrolised products have no adverse effects on the emulsions nor on the dried films, and additional crosslinker may be added to restore reactivit; Solvent based systems modified by the addition of C-100 must be used within 5 days because they tend to thicken and may gel within 2 weeks. 
      Care must be taken to avoid any contact with the skin and eyes. When used in spray applications, particular care must be taken to avoid oral and/or nasal ingestion by wearing a suitable respirator. When handling C-100 it is desireable to prevent inhalation of vapours by proper ventilation or respirator use. 
      Available 2*10Kgs plastic pails per Carton ,25Kgs plastic drums ,200Kgs plastic drums and 1000Kgs IBC drum. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. If stored under conditions of excessive heat for extended periods the material may discolour, deteriorate and gel.
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